I work as a freelance Graphic Designer with specialist skills in print, visual identity and user interface design. 

My clients predominantly operate in London’s creative and cultural industries. It is through these collaborations that I aim to make positive societal and cultural contributions to the world we live in.

I see design as an intrinsic part of our contemporary society, and believe it is vital for designers to have a broad understanding of their environment. For this reason, I supplement my core practice with a diverse range of experience and interests.

These include: walking, typography, sociology, user experience, music, photography, branding, fine art, architecture, fashion, and exhibition design.

My approach to design is experimental and collaborative. The end goal; to push each project towards an outcome that is simultaneously apt and unique.

I’m based in East London. If I'm not assisting at one of the many design agencies in the area, most days you’ll find me in the studio: Studio A, 21-27 Miller’s Terrace, London E8 2DP.

If you’d like to work together on a project, I’d love to hear from you. Call me on 07446 868861 or send me an email